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candis killebrew

hang’in out at the alafia river with my half sis jennifer…

fish’in off the dock with my mommy…

and rid’in our new bikes…thank u mommy!

kisses to mommy for gett’in my tooth out…

it’s under my pillow wait’in 4 the tooth fairy…

can u see it daddy???


i made this at

pre-k graduation

school pic from 1st grade 2011

fish’in fun!

hang’in out at the alafia river.

gotta look cool rid’in my bike.

big smiles!

my momma taught me this lol!



big bro’s football gear…

mommy i need a bigger bike…

let’s go mommy!

kisses for my momma!

mommy why do u always wear lipstick?

so i can do this sweetheart.